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Extinction Rebellion is made up of everyday people from all walks of life, united by shared passion to work towards a livable planet for all. Come to one of our Orientation meetings to learn more about the climate crisis, ways to get involved to shift the tide, and how XRSFBAY works. All are welcome. Sign up here for weekly Friday sessions.

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Friday, October 2nd, 2020
Stop Funding Tar Sands

Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on our planet.


Sunday September 27th, 2020
September General Meeting

Zoom Meeting: Register Here

It’s tough to stay focused in these crazy times. But the planet can’t wait! Join the September General Meeting for an overview of XRSFBay’s actions and strategy and to connect with dedicated, caring activists… like you. Climate action newbies and veteran activists are welcome. 

Register in advance for this meeting using the Zoom link above. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please also share the Facebook event and let your friends, neighbors and family know!

Tuesday September 1st, 2020
Bayview Hunters Point Says: WE CAN’T BREATHE!


The BVHP community held a press conference and mini-rally at MLK Park. At some point in the future maybe we will hold a car caravan if the need arises. Read about that here, here and here

The organizers in BVHP have cancelled the car caravan action due to ongoing health risks posed by the fires. Residents of Bayview Hunters Point are already at a much higher risk for asthma and other respiratory illnesses than the general population – which is itself a legacy of decades of injustice and pollution in their neighborhood.

This situation only underscores the intersecting crises we face in a warming world. Thanks to everyone who helped us organize this event, stay safe, and please stay tuned for more actions that we can take together in the weeks to come.

Read more in this statement from XRSF organizer and Bayview resident Blair.

Sunday August 9th, 2020
Indigenous Emergency - Global Action

“It’s not just a number. Each indigenous body holds an ancestral enchantment. For each indigenous person who dies, part of our collective history dies too” - Celia Xakriaba


Friday June 5th, 2020
Friday Regenerative Activism

We are in extraordinary times, but this is still a good time to spread messages of hope, empowerment, support, compassion, empathy and ACTION. We had a series of Friday lunchtime events for some connection and activism. Friday June 5th was the last time we held this gathering. If you’d like to help organize more, email


Friday, May 8th, 2020
Regenerative Activism - DISCOBEDIENCE Edition

In the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic, many Rebellion Waves around the world have been postponed or canceled, and many of us have been asked to stay inside so we can help stop the spread of the virus. But even from home, between May 1 -11, you can take part in the first Digital Discobedience!

#Alonetogether #XRDigitaldisco


April 23rd, 2020

Check out the full recording of the event here:

Come join us as we take our money back from the banks that fund the fossil fuel industry by cutting our cards, closing our accounts and moving our money. MC’d by local comedians and with updates on local campaigns, this will be a chance to gather with your friends and neighbors to keep the pressure on to stop the pipelines, end the investment in fossil fuels and protect indigenous rights and lands.

Produced in cooperation with the SF Climate Justice NVDA Spokescouncil.

See our event page on ActionNetwork and make your pledges to divest!

April 23rd, 2020
Earth Day Live: Divestment Crash Course
Produced by SF Climate Justice NVDA Spokescouncil

Is your credit card/bank account supporting the destruction of nature? Tune in to learn about the role banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are playing in the other deadly crisis that is happening right now: climate chaos. Through videos starring local activists and a panel of campaign leaders we will share how each of us can be part of taking our money back from the fossil fuel funders and show you how to take online action to stop the money pipeline.

See our event page on ActionNetwork for details.

Sunday, March 22nd
R.I.P. Affinity Group Tombstone Art Build

The R.I.P. Affinity Group emerged as a way to mourn the loss of species diversity in this 6th great extinction we are living through. We invite you to join us in building a paper mache tombstone of an extinct animal of your choice (link here) that will be used in direct actions related to the climate crisis.


Saturday, March 14th
Stop The Money Pipeline March/April Planning


Come help us plan the next actions for Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area and allies’ ongoing Stop The Money Pipeline @Chase campaign, in solidarity with the national StopTheMoneyPipeline campaign started by We will meet online using the Zoom video chat platform, to work on April 4/23 action planning. We may also spend some time talking about March action planning.


Sunday, February 16th
Planning Meeting - Stop The Money Pipeline @Chase

Come hear about the plans for the next Stop The Money Pipeline @Chase action coming up on February 28th, and see how you can join in! Anyone interested in climate action is welcome, and we will have breakout sessions including QA for you or your affinity groups to decide how you’d like to plug in to this campaign.


Sunday, February 16th
R.I.P. Affinity Group Tombstone Art Build

The R.I.P. Affinity Group emerged as a way to mourn the loss of species diversity in this 6th great extinction we are living through. We invite you to join us in building a paper mache tombstone of an extinct animal of your choice (link here) that will be used in direct actions related to the climate crisis.


January 31st 2020
Stop The Money Pipeline @Chase Kickoff

JPMorgan Chase is investing in the climate crisis — this has to stop.

Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area is joining with other Bay Area climate groups (Rainforest Action Network, 350 Bay Area, 350 Silicon Valley, XR Youth, Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Front Bay Area, Diablo Rising Tide, and others) in an extended, escalating campaign aimed at putting pressure on JPMorgan Chase to stop financing the fossil fuel industry.


January 19th 2020
Awaken & Unify Open Organizing Meeting

Greetings, Rebels!

You’ve heard about it. You’ve talked about it. And now is your chance to do something about it!

That’s right: it’s time to Awaken and Unify!


January 17th 2020
Oakland Climate Strike and Resilient Village with Youth vs. Apocalypse & Mycelium Youth Network

Join Oakland youth for a community Resilient Village to raise awareness on climate resilience and how youth can stand up for climate justice, with hands-on workshops on herbal making, civic engagement, art, water catchment, live art making, youth performances, an open mic, and more. This event will provide youth with strategies for addressing climate change within their families and communities and ways to work for climate justice on a local and global scale.


December 7th 2019
XR at the Opera

Join Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area as we stage XR’s version of the Evening Prayer from the opera, Hansel and Gretel, outside of the Opera House. This event will take place between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM, when the entire opera will be presented inside by the SF Opera.


December 6th 2019
Climate Strike! with Youth vs. Apocalypse

On December 6th, youth and allies call for an occupation at BlackRock, an invest firm that is the world’s largest monetary backer of fossil fuel companies, Amazon deforestation and one of the largest investors in private prison corporations.


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