Join us on Wednesday, May 18 in San Francisco to demand that Wells Fargo cut financing for expansion of fossil fuels. There will be street theater, signs and flyering to alert the public to the bank’s ongoing funding of climate chaos.

This is part of a national week of action for Stop the Money Pipeline. This spring, Wall Street banks and insurance companies are hosting their annual shareholder meetings, where many shareholder resolutions calling for an end to fossil fuel expansion are being introduced. Will the banks listen? This is Wall Street’s moment of truth: People or Fossil Fuels?

We have one simple demand for Wells Fargo: stop providing financial services to any corporation expanding its fossil fuel operations. In other words, stop funding the climate crisis. At Wells Fargo’s general meeting last month, a shareholder resolution was presented, urging the bank NOT to fund ANY future fossil projects. The bank urged shareholders to vote against the resolution, which then got only 11% approval by shareholders, but even 11% gets leadership’s attention. We must keep up the pressure! Come by between 4 and 6pm on May 18 and show that you have had it with Wells Fargo’s business as usual while people are dying and the climate crisis escalates.

(Cover photo by Jin Zhu.)