To stop the flow of oil, we must stop the money pipeline. This April, everyone can take part in a huge distributed week of art action dreamed up by our allies in the Stop The Money Pipeline coalition to plaster our communities with eye-opening images. Together we are holding the financial backers of climate chaos accountable.

Order you poster art papers at, or get in touch with XRSFBay if you are in SF / East Bay. Sign up for the webinar on March 29th to learn more about this action from the Stop The Money Pipeline crew.

From arts organizer David Solnit:



We are planning the largest coordinated street art action ever (that we know) April 2-10 to Defund Climate Chaos.

We printed giant street art posters–each one 5 1/2 feet tall by 3 1/2 feet wide. Each of the six designs are printed as newspapers w 8 fold-out color pages that (assembly required) go together inot a giant poster for pasting, action visuals or pop-up art exhibits. The designs were created by artists connected to movements and communities that fight for our people and planet (see designs in this post). We want to get them into the hands of hundreds of activists and groups who will get them up– publicly visible in their communities from April 2-10 as a coordinated Week of Art Action to Defund Climate Chaos (9 days actually).

Join us.

Sign up to get a couple sets of the designs (2 sets of 6 designs–12 total papers/images) and commit to get your group, friends, family, or neighbors together to get this artwork up in public; paste them up on walls, banks, use for action visuals or pop-up art shows. Please share.

A better world is paste-able