On Wednesday, SaveCASolar is delivering a petition with over 100k signatures to save net metering and keep rooftop solar affordable in CA. This is a big deal.

If you can’t make it, you can still help by calling Gov Newsom on Wednesday morning.

The 3 big utilities including PG&E are lobbying to make it too expensive for people to get solar panels on their homes. This is very harmful for California and all of its residents. We should be working to help millions of people get solar, whether they rent or own their home, so people can cut their energy bills, avoid blackouts, and clean up the air. On December 10th, the state will decide whether or not to cave to utility lobbying.

To fight back against the utilities and harness the power of the sun for everyone, we’re hosting a huge event at the state capitol. We will have 75+ activists standing together to make a huge human billboard in front of the capitol using solar panels painted with a message for the Governor to #SaveSolar. We will then march inside the capitol and deliver the over 100,000 public comments submitted to Newsom’s office, calling on him to #SaveSolar and stop the #UtilityProfitGrab. But to make it happen, we need a lot of people involved.

Can you join us and bring a friend?