We’ve had enough with banks fueling the climate crisis. Wells Fargo is the #1 funder worldwide of fracked oil and gas, the #2 US funder of the Line 3 pipeline currently being fought in Minnesota and the #3 private bank overall for funding fossil fuels. In a time when those supporting fossil fuels want you to give up hope, to believe that there is no point in taking action, that we are too late: we heed the call to RESIST … to rise up and ACT NOW for the hope of a better future.

Join the Wells Fracko Divestment Campaign

On Friday, September 17th, join us at the Wells Fargo world headquarters in downtown San Francisco for the kickoff of a new round of actions demanding Wells shifts away from funding fracking and tar sands – and into clean energy and the green economy.

In the wake of record wildfires, hurricanes, heatwaves and drought this summer, we need to send a strong message to “WELLS FRACKO” that they’ve gone too far. To empower anyone not willing to wait for their bank to clean up its act, we’ll be educating Wells customers about ways to move their money into credit unions or good green banks.

Banks are sensitive to the sentiment of their customers, so let’s make some noise and let the customers and employees of Wells know that they need to FORGO FRACKING, cancel funding for Line 3 and make measurable commitments to divesting their portfolio from planet-heating, ecosystem-destroying, treaty-violating fossil fuels.

11:00 am — Protest and public outreach in front of Wells Museum on Montgomery St., and the Wells HQ entrance on California St, join us for carnival games illustrating how Wells’ investments have been fueling climate disaster.

12:00 pm — Campaign kickoff in front of Wells HQ on Montgomery with speakers, a “Never Wells Again” banking pledge and more.

It’s going to take a record number of people getting out in the streets this Fall to demand that businesses, the government, and media #TellTheTruth about the climate and ecological crisis. We hope you will join us, and please spread the word loud and wide to friends and family.

We are asking everyone to follow safety protocols for COVID-19. Please practice social distancing, and wear a mask.

Roles that we could use help with include:

  • Flyer handout team.
  • Tabling/public outreach.
  • Banner & sign holders.

If you’d like to get involved or if you have questions, please email dawg@xrsfbay.org.

We know that changing the policies of a bank seems like an impossible goal, but these times call for radical change. With the background of climate disasters, and in the lead-up to the critical UN COP 26 conference this November – there’s never been a better time for Wells to get it right and make meaningful change on these crucial issues.