When: Monday June 14th, 2021 from 11a - 5p
Where: Golden Gate Bridge, and two locations in Pacific Heights, SF
Organizer: Sunrise Movement Bay Area
Facebook: https://fb.me/e/aygGSLxA1

Get out and support youth climate action! Sunrise Movement leaders from across California are marching 266 miles from Paradise to San Francisco for the Civilian Climate Corps. They are marching to demonstrate the urgency of the climate and economic crisis, and need for Congress and Biden to pass an ambitious CCC by the end of Summer 2021 as an immediate first-step solution. 

The Civilian Climate Corps is a vision of a federal jobs program (modeled after the New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps) that will put a generation to work combatting the climate crisis with equity and equality, scaled to the size of the emergency. 

Join the events on Monday, June 14th to welcome the marchers and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the city. There will be rallies and painted street murals outside the residences of our elected officials while demanding an ambitious CCC that provides good jobs to address the climate emergency and start the Decade of the Green New Deal.

From an update via Sunrise:

Getting to the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge


The main rally is meeting at the north side of the bridge at H. Dana Bowers Northbound Rest Area at 11am on Monday. The best way to get there is to take the Golden Gate Transit Bus Route 30 Northbound. If you are coming from the East Bay, the easiest way is to get off the BART at Embarcadero and walk to Salesforce Transit Center (Bus Plaza, Bay A). If you are coming from South Bay, the easiest way to get on would be to take BART to Civic Center and board the bus at 7th & Market Streets or across the street from City Hall at McAllister & Polk streets.

Remain on board until the first stop after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (Hwy 101 & Alexander Ave). When the bus is on the Bridge, be sure to request the next stop by pressing the overhead button or pulling the cord near the window.

It appears that there is only 1 bus every hour so please make sure you get to your stop early! 

  • Arriving at the GGB at 10am (organizers): Salesforce Transit Center (9:13am), SF Civic Center (9:24am)
  • Arriving at the GGB at 11am (general): Salesforce Transit Center (10:11am), SF Civic Center (10:24am)
  • Arriving at the GGB at 12pm (last chance!): Salesforce Transit Center (11:08am), SF Civic Center (11:23am)

There are additional stops on the route if those are more convenient for you, however, they are not timetabled so please plan accordingly. If you are planning to drive/carpool to the rest area instead, this bus route is the best way to get back to your car after the action (or finding another ride).  Time table and map can be found at this link (make sure to select “Northbound M-F”)

Approximate Schedule for Monday:

  • 10am: Organizing team meets at the rest area
  • 11am: Marchers and general public begin arriving at the rest area
  • 11am-12pm: Waiting for arrivals, preparing everyone for the day ahead
  • 12pm-1:15pm: Crossing the bridge
  • 1:15pm-1:20pm: Regroup at the south side of the bridge
  • 1:20pm-3pm: March to Pacific Heights district
  • 3pm-3:30pm: Rally at Feinstein’s (Lyon Street Steps between Vallejo & Broadway)
  • 3:30pm-5pm: Rally at Pelosi’s (Broadway & Normandy Terrace) + Street Mural

If you are unable to join us at the bridge at 11am, you are welcome to join us later in the day. Best points to join would be at the south end of the bridge at ~1:15pm or in Pacific Heights at ~3pm.