We are XR Youth San Francisco Bay Area. From marching on City Hall to demand our civic leaders take action on the climate crisis, to blockading BlackRock, the world’s biggest investor in the coal and rainforest destruction industries, to cleaning up the trash and plastic on Ocean Beach, we believe in taking direct action. We believe in uniting our communities to raise awareness about the climate crisis and force our government to make the radical system changes we need to shift to a just and equitable carbon-neutral society.

We uphold the Four Demands of XR US—tell the truth about the climate crisis, take immediate action to prevent its worst effects, call a citizen’s assembly to deal with the crisis, and facilitate a just transition to a carbon-neutral economy that works to the benefit of the many, not the few. We are committed to working with other groups, particularly youth groups, that share our common goals and vision in the face of the climate crisis.

Come join us in rebellion against the failed politics of denial! You can reach us at our socials @xryouth.sf (Instagram), @xrysfbay (Twitter), and we will get you plugged into our next actions.