March 6th, 2021
Stop Line 3 Remote Actions

Indigenous Allies have called on allies to take action this week, as they mount pressure against Enbridge and the financiers of Line 3.


February 27th, 2021
Stop Line 3 Street Mural

On Saturday, February 27th in front of the Oakland Federal Building on Clay street between 12th and 14th streets, Extinction Rebellion SFBay held the line for a street mural painting in solidarity with Line 3 & DAPL Resistance.


Friday February 12th, 2021

Extincion Rebellion SF Bay Area joined in the national Build Back Fossil Free week of action! We’re calling on President Joe Biden to protect and invest in the Black, Indigenous, Brown, and working-class communities, to end the era of fossil fuel production, and to launch a national climate mobilization to Build Back Fossil Free.


Friday December 11th, 2020
Respect Indigenous Leaders, End Pipeline Finance

Over forty Indigenous women sent a letter to various US financial institutions in October, asking to meet them and address the financial sector’s complicity in funding ecologically-damaging, livelihood-destroying extraction projects. These women, and the indigenous groups they represent, were greeted with silence.

To urge a response from these institutions, on Friday Dec 11th, Stop The Money Pipeline campaign activists around the country hand-delivered the very same letter to a large number of local bank branches. Click through for images from XR SF Bay and 1000 Grandmother’s actions in Berkeley and San Francisco.


October 29th, 2020
Democracy Street Mural

On Thursday, October 29th hundreds of artists got together to paint 14th Street in downtown Oakland with the message “CHOOSE DEMOCRACY STOP A COUP”.

Drone photograph: Emanuel Desousa


October 26th, 2020
Sacramento Shoe Drop Action

A protest art installation to bring attention to the lethality of greed; express our grief over the true costs of fossil fuel extraction and our rage at elected state representatives (Gov. Newsom et al) who continue to pander to the fossil fuel industry.


October 24th, 2020
March For Democracy

On Saturday, October 24, a march to protect the vote was held, beginning with a rally on the steps of Mission High School. Organized by a coalition of progressive groups, including XRSFBay and the Universal Unitarian Human Rights Working Group, the rally opened with an Ohlone song and prayer.


October 16th and 30th, 2020
Berkeley Light Brigade

A small group of East Bay rebels lit up the night in Berkeley to nudge everyone to “VOTE 4 EARTH” and “COUNT EVERY VOTE”. Click through for a gallery.


October 7, 2020
XR Votes!


The 2020 election in the US will likely be the most important election in our lifetimes — and time is running out for people, creatures and planet. The most important action you can take right now, and encourage others to do, is VOTE.


October 2nd, 2020
Stop Funding Tar Sands, A Day of Solidarity with Frontline Communities

On Friday October 2nd, climate justice activists held a funeral procession in downtown San Francisco, taking the street briefly to hilight our demand that the BlackRock private equity firm stop financing the climate crisis – and defund tar sands oil projects that endanger the health of people and planet alike.


Feb 2020 - Ongoing
IN PROGRESS: Mural In Clarion Alley, Mission District SF

Through the pandemic, through the wildfires, through the smoke, and luckily no murder hornets – members of Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area’s Art Working Group have been making a beautiful mural appear in the Mission District’s historic Clarion Alley as part of the Clarion Alley Mural Project (or CAMP). Click through for the progress gallery.


June 3rd, 2020
XR SF Bay Area Statement Against Racism and Police Terror

The rebellions engulfing our country right now are an indictment of this fundamental truth:  policing in the United States has always been for the benefit of a white supremacist ruling class. These rebellions are a call for us to show up, to demonstrate how serious we are about XR's Fourth Demand. That demand seeks reparations for centuries of systemic racism.

Show up with or without your XR gear, but show up. Please. Wear your masks and rebel in the streets. For those of you who cannot, hang banners from your homes, from your apartment windows, from your cars, from freeway overpasses, to express your outrage and your commitment to justice. Hold online meetings to plan resistance. Some of you are already doing this now. Let's do this collectively - as a group of people who clearly see that the problem of extinction cannot be divorced from the problem of systemic racism.

March 13th, 2020
XRSFBAY, COVID-19 and Resilience

Dear Community,

The Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Chapter is sending love to those across the world impacted by COVID-19 and their families. These times call for strengthened resilience and mutual aid. This is a global crisis, which, similar to the deadly crisis of climate change, requires a global response at individual, family, community, city, region, state, country and international levels. We have the responsibility to take personal accountability for our actions by staying at home to limit cross-contamination risk, as well as the opportunity to create resilient social structures and mutual aid infrastructure that we can continue to grow to address the climate crisis (mortality rate of 80% of all life on earth on our current trajectory). Stay tuned via our email list (sign up here) and facebook page for ways to participate in the movement while you are staying safe at home.


February 28th 2020
Stop The Money Pipeline @Chase #2

Video: Maya Curry

Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area continued our effort to Stop the Money Pipeline @Chase with creative disruption at the Chase Bank, 1330 Broadway, Oakland on Friday, February 28. Over 130 people showed up to demand that JPMorgan Chase – the largest funder of fossil fuel projects – divest immediately to protect the planet.


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